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Efficient Use of Forest Resources
The sustainable use of forest resources is important to Michigan, and ARAUCO looks forward to continuing that tradition. In addition to creating significant economic benefits, the company’s manufacture of composite panels will extend the effective and efficient consumption of regional forest resources by utilizing more of each tree, as well as wood by-products, like wood chips, from local manufacturers. In fact, the nearby location of local sawmills, along with the region’s abundant wood surplus, is among the reasons Arauco found Grayling attractive as the site for its new plant. It is estimated that once operating at full capacity, our plant will utilize only 30% of the surplus regional forest resources on an annual growth basis. At the same time, the forest will continue to grow.

10/31/2016 Update:
Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources (MDNR) determined our property does not have young Jack Pine trees needed to support nesting habitat for the federal endangered bird, Kirkland Warbler. Therefore an assessment was not required by MDNR. 

It’s important to note that Arauco will not manage logging operations directly. Instead, we will purchase wood and wood by-products from local sawmills and logging companies. The community can be assured that our wood procurement professionals will be supporting sound and sustainable forest management practices in working with our wood and wood fiber supplies.

Water Quality
ARAUCO understands that water quality plays an essential role in Michigan’s economy and is the very fabric of its lifestyle and culture. The community should be pleased to know that the particleboard manufacturing process is a dry one that does not require a large amount of water. In fact, our dryer technology is designed to remove the moisture out of the wood cells.

The ARAUCO plant use of water will be mainly for employee drinking water, restroom facilities and fire suppression. The limited amount of waste water treatment needed for operations will be supplied by the Grayling Charter Township.

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